Carbon Cycle

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It is a chemical cycle by which Carbon is exchanged in the different spheres of Earth system. Carbon is the main component of several biological or organic compounds, as well as vital component of many inorganic materials like minerals. Carbon cycle describes the movement of carbon, recycling and reusing of carbon.


Plants and trees in the presence of sunlight uses CO2 in the process called photosynthesis and convert the inorganic carbon into food (organic matter) and release oxygen in the process, which in-turn used by humans and several other organisms.


Respiration is a metabolic process of breathing. The system through which oxygen is inhaled and used by the cells inside an organism (other than trees/plants), and the carbon dioxide is exhaled and released into the environment is called respiration system.


Decomposition is a natural process of decay or rotting of a dead body, scientifically called putrefaction and even spoilage . The dead bodies are decomposed by microorganism called decomposers, and releases CO2 in the process.


Combustion, or simply referred as burning, is a chemical reaction by which a fuel reacts with the oxygen in the air, and produces heat, light and gases (mostly carbon dioxide). Burning of biomass releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

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