Aakash Gautam

Founder of Planet Aakash School and Educator

I am an astronomer, educator and space exploration advocate and an amateur astronomer, widely known by name Planet Aakash. MORE

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Kervi Mehta

Science Writer

I am a science writer and I belong to the beautiful Heritage City Ahmedabad in India. Currently, I am pursuing Electrical Engineering in LDRP College of Engineering. I am very fond of space, and love to read about the same. Space is for everybody and I advocate its education.

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Radhika Bangar

Educator and Science Communicator

I am a CS Engineer, an astrophile and an artist. I love to learn and share about Astronomy. I am curious about how and why universe was created, and to share how magnificent and prodigious the universe is.

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Rishika Dange

Aerospace Engineer / Science Writer

An aspiring Aerospace Engineer, I am an astronomy enthusiast. I spend most of my time sky gazing, and have dedicate my life to rocket science. Email

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