The concentrated and accumulated mass of water droplets ice crystals suspended in the air or atmosphere are called clouds.

Study of clouds is called Nephology. It is one of the branches of meteorology which in turn is part of Geology.

The photography of clouds or cloudy skies is called Cloudscape Photography.

Types of Clouds:

Cirrus Clouds

Cumulus Clouds

Stratus Clouds

Nimbus Clouds

Cumulus Clouds

One of the most common clouds we encounter on daily basis (at least most of us).

These clouds have fluffy or puffy like appearance much like cotton.

These clouds are considered low-level clouds and generally below 2.5 KMs. They can be seen in white or dark grey color. If they are White – no rainfall and if they are dark or a bit black in colour, it is going to rain.

Cumulus Humilis Clouds

They have vertical Development

Cumulus Congestus Form

They have horizontal Development like a stack, one upon the another.


Cumulonimbus is formed from Latin words Cumulus which means heaped or piled and Nimbus which means rainstorm.

These clouds are capable of producing lightening, tornadoes and even hail stones.

These clouds form at altitudes

Cumulonimbus are abbreviated Cb.

Cumulonimbus Calvus

Cumulonimbus Capillatus


A type of cloud characterized by long, thin and stretched streams of clouds high in the sky. These type of clouds are seen often in fair blue-sky weather.

They can form above at altitude of 5 Km to 14 Km.

Cirrus clouds are abbreviated as Ci.



Noctilucent Clouds

They are formed in the upper atmosphere of the Earth (just below the mesopause).

These clouds are made of ice crystals basically and are visible at twilight particularly at astronomical twilight when the sun is 18 degree below the horizon either during sunrise or sunset.

These clouds are mostly slivery white or bluish white in color.

Contrails or Condensation Trails

Vapour trails cloud produced by aircrafts engines. They are composed of ice crystals. They appear as long stretched bands of clouds. This is the most famous homogenitus cloud.


Wave like appearance.

They appear dappled.

Occurs mostly with Stratocumulus and Altocumulus.